SCADA and Industrial Automation Design


The Smartech Automation team of experts have extensive experience in developing SCADA typologies, both in the range of processes/scope (water supply works, sewerage, transportation and water distribution etc.), equipment, monitoring of processes and creating both the control and the communication panels. Depending on the needs and features of the already existing field elements, we design and implement the hardware and software configurations appropriate for the SCADA system. This may include elements such as:

  • Communication hardware (servers, operating/ work stations, peripherals);
  • Communication network equipment;
  • Local and/or distribution Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs);
  • Software Licenses;
  • Services (design, supplying, development, installation, configuration, go-live, testing, training for the staff, etc);
  • Installation of SCADA systems for the telemetry network.

At Smartech Automation, we create, develop, implement and continuously improve by means of research and testing, solutions such as:

  • SCADA systems for the water supply industry;
  • SCADA systems for the waste water treatment industry;
  • SCADA systems for the liquid fuel processing industry;
  • SCADA systems for the metallurgical industry;
  • OLE customized SCADA software systems (OLE for Process Control);
  • Smart systems for industrial communications;
  • Energy management systems;
  • Systems which record and manage the electrical energy consumption;
  • Consulting services in the activity fields;
  • Electrical Engineering Maintenance Services and Industrial Automation.